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Three Days Homeless Challenge

Three Days Homeless Challenge

Providing support to those struggling with addiction is very important to Fr. Mirabile and to our church. Most people in our area have been touched by addiction and we want to help.  One of the ways that we have been working to provide an answer to this problem is to start a Sober House. Recently Fr. Mirabile took on a challenge to get us closer to that reality.

On the First weekend of October Fr. Mirabile launched the Three Day Homeless Challenge to raise money through a Crowdfunding site here.  He spent three days homeless, ditching his car at the church and taking his small back back and sleeping bag with him walking through town.  It just so happened that it was raining all day that Saturday.  Part of the plan was to sleep at the local shelter but Fr. Mirabile quickly encountered what many people who need housing find out - there was no bed available.  Often times Churches open their doors to the homeless and that is where he slept.  He slept on the floor of the church, hung out at Dunkin Donuts and spent an afternoon on a park bench all to raise awareness and funds for Sober Living. 

To date he has raised almost eleven thousand dollars and still needs to raise another thirteen thousand to be able to purchase the first house. The Sober House will provide a sober living environment for those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. He plans on opening a few houses in the area.  The goal is to purchase the first house in early 2015 and be ready for the first occupants in early spring.



Spiritual Formation Sundays

2 Pet 1:4 Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

Clearly, the goal of the Christian life is to share in the divine nature, so that we, by nature, become more divine, more like Christ. Spiritual formation has as its goal the cultivation of the divine nature in the human person through intentional acts.  These include: reading scripture using different strategies (Like the Lectio Divina) and reading other holy and edifying books, faithful attendance at church, regular participation in the sacraments - notably Holy Eucharist and Confession (penance), prayer, fastings, simplicity, solitude and contemplation, spiritual direction, obedience and other historic works. Spiritual formation is an intentional process of forming Christ-likeness in the human personality, in the human spirit, so that from us flows the sweet fragrance of God.

Beginning Sunday Nov. 2nd we will be offering classes in Spiritual Formation. The goal of these Classes is to cultivate a living, personal relationship with Christ through prayer and bible reading.  They will be held each Sunday after the coffee time after the 10:00am service and and will run approximately 40 minutes.  We are encouraging everyone to participate in these classes to deepen their relationship with Christ and everyone can join in. Each class will be a unit and so it will be easy to jump in if you just begin attending the church.  Classes are taught by Bp. Florenza, Fr. Mirabile and ArchDeacon Bellmore.

A busy Fall schedule

It is a busy time of year here at Church of the Resurrection. We are on a mission. It is not a mission to grow per se, it is a mission to make a difference. We do this by reaching out, by discipling and by encouraging our people to be about the business of the Kingdom of God. In a few short weeks we will begin our Fall Bible Study on the 1st Letter of Peter in the New Testament. We will also hold a new members class the last Sunday of October at 9:05am, between the services. We haven't had a new members class in a very long time. This new members class will be a shortened class for all members of the church as well as new. We want everyone to share in this experience and see what it is about. After this our Anglican Church Women's group will hold the annual Holiday fair when we host vendors who sell crafts and food and all sorts of goodies. Some of the funds raised here will help us maintain the building and programs. After that we will be rolling towards Christmas. We hope you come and join us for these events!

Lots of work 'round here!

This was a busy summer and fall 2014 here at Church of the Resurrection.  There were several critical construction projects that had to get done and everyone pitched in sacrificially to do it. 

A New Shed

First we had to replace our old aluminum shed, which had collapsed from snow a couple of years ago and was being held together with chewing gum.  Someone donated a prefabricated shed as long as we disassembled it and carted it away. So we built a new platform and erected the new shed, which was twice the size of the old one.  


Rebuilding the Undercroft

The next project was to repair water damage to the undercroft. The church is old and has an old stone foundation which would occasionally leak. This caused the floor to rot out in some places. So in the beginning of August we began to tear out the walls and all the bad floor around the perimeter. This was a huge project and took us to mid October to finish.   Fr. Mirabile, Ed Wittkofski, Fr. Griffin, Aaron, Lucas, Laura, Barbara and Griffin and Inger Mirabile all worked tirelessly to get this big job done.  Special thanks to everyone who also cleaned up afterwards and painted. The goal was to have the project finished for the Mid October International Synod of of ACC Bishops who elected to gather at our cathedral.   The end result was magnificent and we were proud of everyone who worked so hard.

Time to Reach Out

It's been that time of year again, time to reach out to the community.  And we did on Sept 14th. Each year we host a neighborhood barbecue with some fun for the kids thrown in for good measure. This year we had plenteous chicken cooked to perfection thanks to Fr. Dan and Nick Cosi, as well as burgers and hot dogs. The Castle bounce was a hit again and the kids never left. They just bounced all day! We also had games and balloons and other fun prizes for the kids. In attendance were some of our own parishioners, who also brought friends, as well as folks and kids from the neighborhood. It was a blessed and fun event. Well worth the work!

And each year we participate in the Ansonia Harvest Festival with our Fried Dough stand. We used three whole spaces for food prep, selling and dining. We prayed for people, shared the gospel and played music - the Kate Miz band, with our own Fr. Matt on drums, played music for over an hour. Most of the music was original Christian music written by Kate Miserocchi. We had a few fans who showed up just to enjoy the music. It was a great time and we look forward to doing it again next year.



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