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Ansonia Harvest Festival

Every October the city of Ansonia holds the Harvest Festival.  This event draws many vendors, musicians, performers, and crowds.  There is plenty of food and plenty of fun.  And every year Church of the Resurrection has been a regular participant with it's Fried Dough stand.  This year we expanded our offerings and placed a greater emphasis on outreach.  We created postcards with information about the church and distributed these with the food.  Some of our parishioners event went up and down the block giving these out.  We also used the Kate Miserocchi band as well as a means to raise the visibility of the church.  We had discovered that for a number of years it was assumed that the Church Fried Dough stand was being run by a home for the elderly. This year we wanted to make sure that people understood who we were and what we were doing. The band was part of that effort to raise the visibility of the church in the community.  Next year we will go bigger and better!

Reaching Out!

On Saturday September 22nd we held our Second Annual Neighborhood Fair and Cookout. The event was held on our church grounds and featured live music, barbeque and a moon bounce for the young children.  We arrived early to set everything up and began cooking about 11am. By noon we had people from the neighborhood strolling in and children lining up to go in the moon bounce.  Rob, Nick and Mark and others pitched in to make the event a great success.


Neighbors came and stayed for hours and we made several new friends. One young man and woman strolled by the parking lot as we were cooking and later returned.  The young woman seemed very troubled and after some time asked if she could make her confession and receive prayer.  She met with Fr. Matt who prayed with her and then spoke to them about options for recovery. Others stayed to listen to the music, enjoy conversation on a Saturday afternoon and watch their kids play.


Later in the afternoon the Kate Miserrochi band arrived, set up and began to play uplifting contemporary Christian music.   Fr. Matt played the Drums. Meanwhile Fr. Dan and Fr. Bruce mingled, talked with folks and helped with cooking and serving food.  The event was great fun and provided a wonderful way to reach out to the community and show them that there are people near by who care.



News: Renewing Prayer Seminar

Saturday January 28th Church of the Resurrection had the first of our Re-4m seminars.  The theme of our first was "Renewing Prayer".  We were happy to see many of our parishioners there for the seminar.

Fr. Matthew Mirabile began our seminar with a few words on prayer.  He read a short excerpt from a little book called "The way of the Pilgrim" about how even small and seemingly insignificant prayers are heard by God.

Re-4m: The Power of Forgiveness

Re-4m Seminar No. 2: The Power of Forgiveness


Recently Fr. Matthew Mirabile teamed up with the Dr. Elaine Tsangarides and her husband Dr. Marios to conduct a seminar "The Power of Forgiveness".  This seminar was offered as part of the "Re-4m" series of seminars created by Fr. Matthew and held at Anglican Church of the Resurrection.

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September Festival Outreach

On Saturday September 17th we held our September Festival Outreach.  This event was intended to re-introduce ourselves to the community.  We had lots of barbequed food, a moon bounce for the kids and live contemporary Christian music.  There was no charge for the event because we wanted to simply bless the neighborhood. Lots of neighborhood kids came by. A few almost never left the moon bounce, they bounced all day!  Neighbors came by and enjoyed some food, some neighbors we know and new neighbors.

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