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Re-4m: The Power of Forgiveness

The seminar is unique in that it is, in part, a testimony of the power of forgivness and healing expereinced between Marios and Eliane and their son, Carl, who had struggled for years with addiction and psychological illness.  Fr. Mirabile aided in the recovery process and healing of their son because he took Carl into his home and, through the grace of a benefactor, provided daily counseling and direction to Carl over many months as well as the next several years.  Through this process Fr. Mirabile and his family and the Tsangarides family became very close.  Dr. Elaine Tsangarides is a Licenced Christian Psycotherpaist in the state of Michigan, holding advanced degress in both psychotherapy and education and Marios Tsangarides is a Deacon in the Charismatic Episcopal Church and holds advanded degrees in physics.

Fr. Mirabile opened the sessions with a biblical overview on the topic of forgiveness and our need to forgive.  Mr. Tsangarides spoke about his experience in recieving forgiveness from God and how this affected his relationship with his son.  He shared a heartfelt and moving testimony of the words God had spoken to him through this process and how it transformed him.  Carl was also present and read a poem he wrote many years earlier.  Dr. Elaine Tsangarides spoke about the differences between forgiveness and reconcilliation and the obstacles to each.  Her discussion was very insightful and provided important guidposts in the journey of forgving.  Fr. Mirabile concluded with a discussion on how offenses take substance in the heart and how we can find healing and release by allowing God to search us and give us the power to forgive.

Fr. Mirabile and the Tsangarides' would be happy to provide this experience to other church groups as well.


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