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Sober Houses

What is a Sober House? A Sober House is a home that provides a safe harbor for people who are in recovery. Often times, when an an alcoholic or drug addict graduates from a rehab they move to a half-way house or go out on their own. Once an addict is living on their own and encountering life without a safety net the potential for relapse is high. Stressors at work, in relationships and stress over money often trigger relapse. Worse still, a relapse can be triggered by simply living with others who drink or do drugs. A Sober House provides a safe place to live with others who are committed to living sober and healthy lives. Residents of sober houses often weekly AA meetings, bible studies or other healthy activities to support living drug free. Residents support and encourage one another in their journey and ultimately look to give back to the community.

One of our goals at Church of the Resurrection is to start a Sober House in Ansonia. This issue is particularly close to Rev. Mirabile's heart because he has spent countless hours providing counseling and coaching to people in various stages of recovery. The vision to open a sober house in Ansonia recently came one step closer recently as Rev. Mirabile was instrumental in helping Todd Price convert his three family home in Bridgeport into a Sober House. Acting as executive director Rev. Mirabile has been guiding and working with Mr. Price and, with God's help, the new Sober House is now up and running with its first resident. The name of that house is Aurizon house, named because the residents will be men "arising" out of addiction or other problems. They look forward to establishing another House in Ansonia.


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