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Welcome! If you are looking for a church home for yourself and/or your family, we would love to have you come and worship with us.

We are a Community - Our church is committed to build authentic relationships through small groups that meet regularly for fellowship, transformation and unconditional love.

We are Healing -  Our church is a hospital for for the whole person.  Here you won't be judged, and you will find effective help in overcoming life's challenges, because we've been there too. It not only means that we are being healed ourselves, but that we are reaching out to heal others too.

We are a Refuge - Our Church is here to offer real stability and common sense that will help you raise your children and keep your marriage strong. With solid teaching that draws on the wealth of the entire Christian tradition we can help you continue to grow in faith.

We are Anglican - As Anglicans we stand on the bible and the faith of the apostles as it has been received, believed and practiced by the majority of Christians across time and in all places.  Our church history goes back to the very beginning of Christendom, when slaves and soldiers first brought the Christian faith to Great Britain around 115 ad. It is Reformed and Catholic, Evangelical and Biblical. It is the church of St. Anselm, Thomas Cranmer, John Wesley and C.S. Lewis.

Growing to care for the world!

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